NATURE NEXT Online Course


NATURE NEXT is our advanced online course designed to help members build and sustain their eating and wellness. This course expands on the 6 NATURE steps helping you to build a lifestyle around craving nature’s foods.

This interactive course meets virtually for 8-weeks on Zoom and is facilitated by a qualified instructor. Each virtual live session is 1.5 hours. In addition to the sessions, the course includes weekly assignments.

NATURE NEXT Course Content

Notice next steps

  • Assess your health practices
  • Embrace health principles
  • Re-establish goals for lifelong modifications

Analyze to increase awareness

  • Learn eating, fitness and health trends
  • Practice label reading
  • Evaluate nutritional supplements

Train and reinforce the brain

  • Practice mind tools for change
  • Preserve your cognition through cooking
  • Learn skills for better sleep

Unite Eating with Exercise and Meditation

  • Evaluate your eating plan
  • Establish work-out components
  • Practice and apply meditation

Renew lifestyle

  • Review Habits
  • Analyze addictive behaviors
  • Evaluate Eating disorders

Enjoy the journey

  • Practice cooking nature’s foods
  • Discover herbs and spices
  • Share your food discoveries