Nature’s Meal Plan: Four Week Program to Learn to Crave Nature’s Foods


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Kari designed Nature’s Meal Plan to help you reclaim your desire to eat nature’s foods. This plan is about learning to love the foods that nature grows, and even craving them MORE than processed foods. The hand-selected foods in this plan support the bodies maximum functioning, while helping to prevent underlying causes of diseases. Through thousands of iterations over decades as a dietitian, Kari has crafted this plan that transforms palates and brings lasting change.

Nature’s Meal Plan is a four-week strategy focusing on eating foods from nature: protein, whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

This plan provides a way to 🔅reclaim your desire to eat nature’s foods🔅 in six steps that spell out the word NATURE.

1️⃣ A daily food selection guide for a full month including breakfast, lunch and dinner
2️⃣ 4 weekly menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
3️⃣ 4 worksheets to help you learn how to crave healthy eating
4️⃣ Expert tips on how to cook vegetables
5️⃣ 35+ original, plant-rich and dietitian-approved recipes for all meals
6️⃣ A calorie breakdown of all the foods you eat each day
7️⃣ A calorie calculator and guidelines based on your personal caloric needs
8️⃣ Suggested serving sizes for each meal

Kari has used her 30+ years of experience as a registered dietitian working with thousands of clients to provide you the BEST OF THE BEST strategies for shifting your cravings to healthy eating.

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